Forum on the Environment (SOIL SCI / ENV ST 101)

This seminar course is designed to explore current environmental issues. The course will address general concerns such as global change, sustainability, and environmental quality through examination of a wide range of issues and perspectives. Students will examine current issues rooted in environmental sciences by participating in lectures, discussions, group work, and a small group project. The course is designed as a sampling of a wide range of topics rather than attempting to be comprehensive in scope. We will encourage you to ask questions about the environment, seek sources of information to answer these questions, evaluate information sources to understand the quality of evidence provided, and explore how to implement what we have learned in our individual career paths and as a community.

Soil Biology (SOIL SCI 323)

This course, designed for both undergraduates and graduate students, explores microorganisms and fauna and their connection with soil, plant and planetary health. Plant-microbe interactions, the role of microorganisms and fauna in nutrient cycling and pathogenic organisms are just some of the concepts covered. The class engages in active discussion about case studies that connect the role of soil biology as it relates to food production systems, water quality, and climate change. Students also gain an understanding of the scientific techniques used to measure different aspects of soil biology. This is a great class for students to learn more about soil, and how the biological component of soil affects the world.