Wisconsin Schoolyard Microbiome Project

The Wisconsin Schoolyard Microbiome Project, is an initiative that aims to develop a network of educators and schools around the state of Wisconsin to engage in community science. Through this project, members of the Freedman lab aim to answer regional-scale questions about the diversity of microbial life in our state’s schoolyards, as well as associations between plants and soil microorganisms — all with the help of our participants across the state.

Our lab has expertise in environmental education and working with science educators. We know that students value their educational experiences more when they’re able to directly engage with what they’re learning about. Through the Wisconsin Schoolyard Microbiome Project, students carry out the scientific method, start to finish, with research that could help solve environmental issues that impact our state. Classrooms experience demonstrations by and engagement with real scientists, a day of hands-on experience collecting soil samples and other data outdoors, and see the results of their work through data visualization and outreach materials at the conclusion of the project.

For more information, please email schoolyardmicrobiome@soils.wisc.edu.

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The WI Schoolyard Microbiome Project network spans across the state!
2022 participants are in yellow, and 2023 participants are in red.