Wisconsin Schoolyard Microbiome Teaching Materials

Listed below are optional teaching materials for any educator to use while implementing this project into their classroom. These links will lead to the online Box document where you can preview each one before downloading.

Background Information Presentation: This presentation provides information about concepts in soil science and soil microbiology relevant to The Schoolyard Microbiome Project. Audio files will play alongside this PowerPoint, and comprises of a ~20 min long presentation. The audio files will automatically play in series when the presentation is started, and captions are available in the notes or in this document. This presentation is also available without audio.

Tree Identification Guide: This presentation is a collection of graphics and resources to aid in the tree ID aspect of this project.

Soil Collection Guide: Our instructions for collecting soil samples.

Texture by Feel Worksheet: An additional activity for classrooms interested in learning how to classify soil types. This is a helpful video to go along with this worksheet.

Post-Evaluation Survey: This survey is an opportunity for us to see how students value this project and to gain feedback on how we can improve. It is completely optional, though we would love to hear what your students think! Please save this survey for after we have returned your classes results.